Meals & Snacks

Healthy Food

Hormead Hedgehogs is a healthy pre-school & nursery and this is reflected in our healthy snack policy.

We believe healthy snacks play an important role in managing childrens’ hunger, boosting attention levels and promoting happiness. They also give your child the vitamins and minerals he or she needs to grow and develop properly.

We provide a variety of healthy snacks that should provide your child with the important nutrients they require, such as calcium, fiber, iron and vitamins. We also ensure they are low in calories, fat or sugar.

By providing and encouraging the children to eat healthily, we hope they develop lifelong healthy eating habits.


An Example Snack Menu

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week 1
Cheese Straws
Crackers & Cheese
Fruit Bagel
Rice Cake – Various
Week 2
Fruit Bread
Potato Cakes
Corn Snacks
Week 3
Malt Loaf
Vegetable Puffs
Organic Crisps
Cheese Scone
Week 4
Pitta Pocket Strips & Humus
Crackers & Cheese
Toasted bagel


If a child brings a packed lunch we:
• ensure parents provide ice packs too keep food cool where lunches contain perishable foods.
• We discourage sweet drinks and we provide children with fresh water.
• We discourage packed lunch contents that consist largely of crisps, processed foods, sweet drinks and sweet products such as cakes or biscuits.
• provide children, bringing packed lunches with plates, cups and cutlery and:-
• ensure staff sit with children to eat their lunch so that the meal time is a social occasion.



Special dietary requirements

We do appreciate that some children may have individual or specific dietary needs due to certain medical conditions. We will always work with you to accommodate these needs.

For more information please contact us.